What Makes You Happy?

Happiness is...My friend, Jack Steiner, asked a seemingly simple question the other day: “What makes you happy?” I like the question. It makes me think of my “little loves” post. I probably answered Jack’s question in that post, but the topic seems to be one that deserves more consideration.

What makes me happy? The things that make me happy are the things I like to do. They are the things that often seem like “work” to other people. I suppose they sometimes are work, but I rarely resent the work. The work makes me happy. The work reminds me of who I am and what I am meant to do.

What makes me happy:

  • Write Right makes me happy – both working on it and for it.
  • Writing for this blog makes me happy.
  • Writing for others makes me happy; I believe that if I have a talent, I have to use it in service of others, not merely myself.
  • Writing poetry makes me happy.
  • Reading a good book makes me happy.
  • Drawing makes me happy.
  • Talking about literature and communications and “intellectual” things makes me happy.
  • Talking about silly or dumb things makes me happy.

What makes you happy?

Photo: ernohannink (CC BY 2.0)


  1. You make me happy! I love the honest voice that you have in your writing.  I really hope we can meet in person someday! 

  2. Many things actually – ice creams makes me happy, movies make me happy, meeting my nephew and niece, sleeping(I don’t know how, but thinking about sleeping makes me happy, really!), books make me happy…. and yes, who can forget, shoes! 

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  4. JennaTest says:

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  5. Friends and family make me happy.