My Business Recipe for Success

A loaf of bread rising on a cooling rack.About two weeks ago, I received an interesting query. “Would you share some of your tips and tools in a ‘recipe for success’?” Anyone who knows me well can guess at my response: “Of course!” I enjoy the occasional writing prompt and, well, assignment. Writing and editing, after all, pay the bills.

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Failure and Freelancing

Failure and Freelancing — Write RightSometimes, despite my best efforts, my work fails to satisfy a client. A few of those clients encourage and critique. Others rail and compare a current project to past ones. I become silent and endure both because—what can I say?

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Work and Worries

Work and Worry—Write Right

I sometimes use work to cope with worry. When I have enough work, my worries disappear. I know the concerns are still there, but the work pushes them into the shadows. I can pretend they don’t exist, I’m fine, nothing’s wrong.

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