Everything is Meaningless

Everything is Meaningless — Write RightEverything is meaningless. At least, everything is meaningless until Jesus comes in and transforms the heart, mind, and body. Jesus changes everything and, in doing so, makes everything meaningful, beautiful, and appropriate in its time (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11, NASB).Continue Reading

Pursuing Joy

“Restriction is not an enemy of joy.” — Tyler David, The Austin Stone

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Follow or Perish

Follow or Perish -- Write RightMy journey into entrepreneurship often puts me in mind of Abraham—the Israelites, too, although they at least had an idea of where they were going. They might not have thought it was going to take forty years to get there, but they did know God was leading them to Canaan. Abraham, though, had no such knowledge. God told him he would be a blessing to all nations and then said to follow. No destination; no time frame. Simply a call to follow, the same call Jesus made to his disciples and continues to make to people today.

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