Ten Book Characters You’d Want to Go on a Road Trip with

Volkswagon bus and Schwinn bicycle.When Barnes and Noble shared a post about road trips with favorite book characters, I immediately wondered with whom I’d want to adventure. I then thought about strategy. Some characters, after all, are funny or morbid but relatively useless in the day-in, day-out activities of life. If they were put under the pressure of a road trip — and almost anyone would agree that lengthy trips bring out the best and worst in people — they’d succumb to anger or petulance.

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Write Right’s List of Exquisite Books for 2018

A book with a heart-shaped bookmark.

The New Year often brings all sorts of resolutions, including ones to read more books. I could offer numerous suggestions for such a decision, but the recommendations would take the better part of the day. Because of that, I narrow the focus. I won’t share my favorite books — an almost impossible task — but my most exquisite books.

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How to Open a New Book

Redheaded girl reading a book.I recently received the latest installment in The Stormlight Archive. (If you’re not familiar with the series, ask—or don’t. You could get drawn into a loooong conversation about Brandon Sanderson.) My giddiness at receiving the book knew almost no bounds. A book that weighs at least three pounds? Yes! Twelve-hundred-plus pages? Sign me up!

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