S is for Shawarma

Pork shawarma on a plate.Ah, shawarma. Many people likely think of the scene from Iron Man when they hear the word. I, however, think of the actual food. It belongs in the realm of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, which I happen to find thoroughly palatable.

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You Only Think You Have Writer’s Block

Piece of paper with the words "can't think" written on it.“I don’t believe in writer’s block. I believe writers get stuck. One absolves responsibility. Admitting your stuck means you can fix it. […] Writer’s block is a sympathy card. Only writers could be so inventive as to come up with it.”

Neil Gaiman, Book Reading in Austin, Texas

The New Year ushers in the usual resolutions: eat healthier, exercise more, watch television less. For writers, though, the time period typically involves some commitment to a writing project. They aim to finish a novel or other manuscript before 2018 comes to close.

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R is for Rapport

A young boy and girl hugging. Black and white photograph.Webster defines rapport as a relationship “marked by harmony, conformity, accord, or affinity.” It seems an appropriate word to begin the New Year, a wish for peace and unity. Such qualities, though, don’t arise out of nowhere. They require effort, devoted attention, time, and humility. Unity and peace — harmony — only come through bending toward other people rather than demanding one’s own way.

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