How to Get Kids Excited about Shakespeare

How to Get Kids Excited about Shakespeare -- Write RightUnless a kid has theatrical or literature leanings, most don’t care all that much about Shakespeare. It’s required reading to muddle through in junior high and high school. Cue the cliff notes! The kids might enjoy it if they have a good literature teacher who explores the language and imagery, but even then, the end result is much like the one faced by poor Emily Dickinson: something to be read and promptly forgotten.

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Creativity and Process

Creativity.Creativity isn’t a process. Advertising is a process. Creativity is a manic construction of absurd, unlikely irreverent thoughts and feelings that somehow, when put together, change the way we see things. That’s why it’s magic. If you want to be ordinary, then, yes, use a process. – John Hegarty

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What Does “Creative” Mean?

What does "creative" mean?A long time ago but in this same galaxy, I had a college roommate. She and I once had an interesting conversation about creativity:

Roommate: I’m not creative.

Me: What do you mean you’re not creative?

Roommate: I can’t draw like you. Or write.

Me: That’s not true. You are, too, creative. You do draw and write.

Roommate: But not well. Not like you. I’m not creative.

Me (a little frustrated): That doesn’t mean anything. You don’t have to draw or write to be creative. That isn’t what “creative” means. Your (sociology) work is creative, too.

Roommate: Right…

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