Word Games for Word Nerds

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Word games for word nerds.One of my favorite homework assignments in the third grade was using the week’s vocabulary list in some sort of story. I found the assignment to be entirely too much fun. I don’t think I enjoyed the endless repetition of writing the words and their definitions, but I did like using them in sentences. To this day I enjoy such assignments, although they’re never quite as strict. It’s usually some sort of exercise I create for myself in which I have to use a certain word, a type of phrasing, or even a punctuation mark, such as the dreaded exclamation point.

I also enjoy playing Scrabble. Scrabble is both vocabulary and strategy, although the strategy component depends on the player. Some of my past opponents simply played to block potential words the next player might make. I don’t think I’m an excellent Scrabble player, but my family probably would disagree. They usually refrain from playing any word games with me.

I’ve also been known to play word search puzzles, but I rarely do so these days. I think my grandma introduced me to the puzzles when I was a kid, and she would send me new puzzles to do. In some ways, I think my love for the puzzles was based solely on the love I had for my grandma.

Crosswords are another popular word game for word nerds, but I don’t play them. I’m usually lacking in knowledge of pop culture, which is one reason why I try to avoid playing Trivial Pursuit. It’s just not a good idea. Neither is playing Risk, but that’s for an entirely different reason. I simply become too competitive with that game, and I become more and more frustrated with it as the other players change the rules willy-nilly.

I actually refuse to play Words with Friends despite receiving numerous invitations to play. I simply don’t have the time. Maybe one of these days I will, but I doubt it. Even if that time ever does come, I tend to enjoy playing word games with friends in real life and would prefer to play Scrabble at a local coffee shop to playing Words with Friends online.

What word games do you play? Do you have a favorite one?

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