What is the Point of Write Right?

A porcupine? I promise the image makes sense. Keep reading.The point of Write Right is not to club people with grammar rules. It is not to discourage writers who either are new to the writing life or who are struggling to write for one reason or another. It is not to criticize poor writing for the sake of criticizing poor writing.

No, the point of Write Right is to help people tell their stories, to help them give form to their ideas, and to help them share those stories and ideas in the best way I know how: through better writing and more creative writing. The point is to encourage the writers who are struggling. It’s to provide a place where people can ask questions about writing right and about the writing life. It’s to create a haven for the people who are willing to fail over and over and over again.

That is the point of Write Right. If I ever veer from that point, I hope someone will club me over the head. I hope that that person will tell me when I’m acting elitist, pompous, or porcupine-ish. I do not want to be a defensive, unapproachable person. I want to be the approachable person, the person to whom people turn when they have a question about writing or about how visual elements impact and intersect with writing. That’s who I want to be, and that’s what I want Write Right to be. Nothing more; nothing less.


  1. Very nicely stated, Erin. And it seems in line with what you’ve been doing so far…
    But if things do start to veer from you mission, I must admit I’m not the clubbing type. Do you have a more passive aggressive suggestion instead of a club?

    •  @yuvizalkow An anonymous email? I suppose the danger with that idea is that the email could go to spam, and I would never see it. You could always ask someone else – not to mention any names – to do the dirty work, too.

  2. MSchechter says:

    So. Very. Perfect. And I think that’s been so clear to date, which is why I may have overreacted yesterday. The world needs more places where people can grow and this is a great one for them. 

  3. We are good with clubs…just saying. 😉

    •  @DustBunnyMafia I am not scared of the dust bunnies even if they have an affiliation with the mob. Okay, maybe I’m a little scared. 😉