Packing Books for the Umpteenth Time

All Families are Psychotic? Sounds like an interesting book.Packing my books is a chore. A labor. A task. Packing them requires many boxes both because of the number of books as well as the weight of them. I am no Hercules. I have to pack strategically. I have to evaluate whether I can carry the box of books. My stubbornness says yes; my muscles – or lack of them – say no.

Why am I packing my books for the umpteenth time? I’m moving. To Austin. For a job (cue Snoopy dance). It’s surreal. I haven’t quite absorbed the fact that I have a job or that I’m moving to Austin. I’m in the stage where I’m afraid that everything is going to fall to pieces and that I’m going to awaken from the dream and be left with nothing.

What does employment mean for Write Right? Not a lot actually. I have yet to acquire any clients who would like to be coached or to keep me on retainer, so I don’t have to bid them farewell. The new job won’t impede many of the facets of Write Right; at least, I hope it won’t. I have a passion for Write Right, and I don’t want it to disappear. I want to keep all of its components going, even if I have to decrease some of its activities. Not everybody is aware of all the components that comprise Write Right, so I’m going to list them below and include some thoughts about them:

  • Website: The website will undergo a transformation (completed in March 2012) and probably move to an entirely different platform. Doing so will help with brand consistency. The job should help to hasten that transformation.
  • Consulting/coaching/speaking. I’m still growing this part of my business.
  • Blog: I’m still going to write blog posts for Write Right as well as guest posts. Will I have to change the frequency of those posts? Possibly, but I’ll address the issue when it arises.
  • Tumblr: I’m going to maintain the Tumblr blog. I like it, and other people seem to like it, too. The Tumblr blog also keeps me committed to working on my craft.
  • Twitter: I probably won’t tweet as much, but I plan to keep my account alive and well. Twitter is one of my favorite social networks.
  • Facebook: The Facebook page will remain. It’s a good platform, and it’s where I direct people to share grammar wrongs in need of righting.
  • Google+: My use of Google+ is minimal these days. It’s probably going to remain minimal unless the platform soars in popularity.
  • YouTube: I probably won’t record videos as frequently. I want to keep shooting the videos because I’ve come to enjoy them. I know they help me to improve as a speaker, too.
  • E-letter: I plan to continue sending the e-letter once per month. I have some different elements I would like to start including in it.
  • Drawings: Of course I’ll continue to draw. I have some projects with other people, too, so I’ll be a busy artist and writer.
  • Gamification: I’m still pondering this concept. It made more sense when I was thinking about a membership option. I’m not sure how it would work now, but it remains an intriguing possibility.
  • Books and white papers: I want to pursue these options. I have a couple of ideas for both items, but they may require more time since I’m to be gainfully employed.

I think that about covers all the things that Write Right does. If I forgot something, oh well. I blame it on packing one too many books.

* Originally published January 23, 2012


  1. Happy packing:) Cheers! Kaarina

    •  @KDillabough Well, I may be doing some more packing at the end of the summer. I start looking at houses in earnest (as my real estate agent says) today. 🙂