International Women’s Day

International Women's DayI’ll be honest. I had no idea that March 8 was International Women’s Day until I was mentioned in a friend’s post. I still didn’t make any plans to write about International Women’s Day until I started to see a flurry of posts in relation to the day. Peer pressure sometimes is a good motivator, and it is one in this case.

I’ve been thinking about who to include in my list of women. My mom has to be on the list. She played and plays an important role in my life. She encouraged me to think for myself, which probably causes her some consternation at times. I do try to honor her and to respect her opinion, but I’ve come to understand that I have to make my own way even if that means doing some things of which she might not approve.

I have a number of female teachers and professors who make the list: Mrs. Borsberry, Miss Barrientos, Dr. Pogue, Dr. Skerpan-Wheeler, Kathleen Peirce. All those women played a role in my development as a writer and as a person who thinks about and appreciates literature. I owe them an immense debt.

I also have to include many of the women I’ve met during the past year. I think the introductions began with Gini Dietrich. I don’t remember how I happened upon her. Did I see a tweet? Did I stumble upon Spin Sucks? I don’t know. I just know that once I discovered Spin Sucks, I was hooked. I enjoyed the writing and the community at Spin Sucks. I came to rely upon Gini as a trusted confidant.

The other women I’ve met in the past year have some connection to Spin Sucks; Gini either made introductions, or I became brave and inserted myself into conversations. I met Nancy Davis, and she and I are freakishly similar and different all at the same time. I know that she’s helped me through some difficult times, and I would like to think that I’ve possibly encouraged her during her own dark days. Kaarina Dillabough is another cherished person. She took the time to have a coaching session with me when my world imploded last November and helped me to think about where I truly wanted to go. I met Claudia Anderson Scimeca, although I only knew her as SocialMediaDDS for several weeks. She has been a joy and has often been my cheerleader. I was introduced to Shonali Burke, and she, like Kaarina, helped me to decide upon next steps with my business. She also has become a proponent for my art; I guest post twice a month at her blog and publish the comic strip “Waxing Off with Sarah and Sheldon.” I met Samantha Gluck – perhaps through Spin Sucks or Google+ – and she has become yet another treasured friend.

Those are only a few of the women who have had an impact upon my life in the past year. I probably could add to my list; in fact, I already am. I’m now thinking of Ameena Falchetto and Ruth Long. They need to be on the list. Who else? I will have to ponder.

Who are you honoring on International Women’s Day? Why?