How to Encourage Others

Encouragement comes in many forms.I often write about discouragement, so it’s only fitting that I write about encouragement. At least, I’ll share how I encourage others. I can’t seem to generalize when it comes to encouragement. Because of that, I’ll only focus on some of the ways I encourage others. I have a number of them.

I have a number of them because the way I encourage a person depends on the person. For instance, several of my friends are participating in NaNoWriMo. I encourage some of those friends by pestering them as only I can pester them. They eventually curse me for harassing them, which only proves that I’ve successfully completed my encouragement mission. Some of my other friends receive interesting articles or chibified versions of themselves. Others receive a direct message on Twitter, a message on Facebook, or an email. Still others receive a phone call or a Skype chat.

The secret with all those methods is paying attention to people and their interests and activities. I’m not always very good with names, but I am good with details. I arm myself with those details when determining the best method of encouragement or – dare I say it – engagement. I let people know I’m thinking of them, not with some cheesy card or flippant remark but with relevant messages, drawings, and articles. I let them know I’m there with and for them through the good and the bad times.

How do you encourage others? How do you like to be encouraged?

Photo: Sarah Bresnahan (CC BY SA 2.0)


  1. As one of those friends you “pester,” keep it up! I will never curse you for it.

  2. I simply ask them to go see what ginidietrich does. 😉 that’s encouragement enough.

  3. You encourage me by coming over to my blahg and leaving wonderful comments. I appreciate it. You Rock! (and presumably paper and scissors, too, when the need arises)

  4. Encouraging others is my daily ‘thang’ (to take a page from our friend Brian ExtremelyAvg below in the slahng. It’s both an inherent part of who I am, an occupational hazard and, in fact, a large part of my business. How do I do it? By getting people to see their own inherent strengths, getting them to believe in themselves, supporting them through their journey, picking them up when they’re down, bringing them down when they’ve puffed up too high…I say I’m like (trademark word here) Alka Selzer…I provide relief. A pat on the back, kick in the shins, objective neutral perspective, tough task master, mentor, muse…heck, all round relief providing encourager. Cheers! Kaarina


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