Effecting Change in Corporate Communications

Bravery is a prerequisite in this line of work.When I first started to realize what I wanted to accomplish with Write Right, I became overwhelmed. I realized I was dealing with a mode of thinking, a culture, regarding communication. I didn’t know how or if I could change it. I’m one person.

The truth is that I can’t change it. I can’t change an entire way of thinking. I can, however, influence the thinking of one person or business. I can help that one person to think about communications in a way he or she hasn’t previously. That one person will then teach another person, and that person will teach two more people, and those two people will teach or reach four more people…

I also can align myself with people who have the same goal, even if their approach toward it is different or even if their goal is slightly different from mine. Gini Dietrich and Geoff Livingston speak of marketing in the round and of breaking down silos. Their goals are far loftier than mine, but our ideas seem to be in agreement. My own goal of helping businesses with their internal and external communications has something to do with marketing and with the breaking down of walls. I can champion Craig McBreen’s approach toward communications and his emphasis on personality, which is, in a way, similar to my emphasis on creativity.

I can offer support, too. I used to think I needed to find CEOs and to speak with them about creativity and “right” writing. That may still be a part of what I need to do, but I’m beginning to think I should spend more time with the people charged with internal or external communications, both with the ones who are trying to implement change and the ones who haven’t yet started. I can encourage patience. I can bolster the cause. I can offer encouragement when it seems that nothing is changing.

I can do all those things. I can teach, champion, and encourage. What will you do?

Photo: taberandrew (CC BY 2.0)


  1. Yay I am so glad that you have written something! I hope this improves your state of mind. Right now, I can only focus on how I communicate.  What I do is share the things I have written with my colleagues, both to solicit feedback and provide a model of good communications.  I hope that this will improve my own writing through the editorial process, and also help strengthen my team. 

    • Aren’t you supposed to be exploring the Outback or Down Under or whichever term you prefer? ;)Thanks. I’ve had the post ready for awhile, but I was having a hard time fitting it into the queue. It’s slightly based on the article at Spin Sucks, but its roots go back to last November when I was first beginning to realize my real aims.Personal responsibility is such an important component of communications. At least, I think it is, but I’m just trying to do my part and to fight the good fight. 🙂


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