Down the Rabbit Hole

Alice goes down the rabbit hole.A month or so ago, I spent some time with one of my friends (You should visit his site. He’s an amazing artist.) from graduate school. He introduced me to his friends as a writer, poet, artist, entrepreneur, and social media guru. I was more than a little embarrassed. I never, ever imagined that I would be introduced in such a fashion.

I suppose I found the whole thing embarrassing because I don’t include all those titles when I introduce myself to people. I am most of those things; however, I would argue against the “guru” status. It isn’t one I like. I also don’t offer social media consulting. I know social media falls under communications and writing, but I don’t brand myself as a social media consultant. I’m a writing coach and consultant.

I’m somewhat hesitant to claim some of the other titles because I am trying to focus my branding and messaging. Yes, I am an artist and a poet, and those two roles intersect with my writing and work at and for Write Right. Those two roles, though, are not ones that should receive undue attention. I have to play a balancing game in order to ensure that I am doing things that are in the interest of my business, not things that will undercut it. I have to make sure I fall down the right rabbit hole and that hole is the Write Right one.

What are your rabbit holes? How do you ensure that you fall down the right one or ones?


  1. Nice post, Erin! As usual, I’m still in the midst of figuring this all out for myself. I get so confused with my various hats and various rabbit holes. I’m the fiction writer, the weird video animation guy, the geek, the tech writer, the expert on failure, the insecure writer, the family man, the teacher, the student. (Bryce has beautiful illustrations, by the way!)

    •  @yuvizalkow Life would be much simpler if we didn’t have to figure these things out for ourselves, wouldn’t it? I’ve been thinking a lot about what needs to happen next with Write Right. It’s challenging and exhausting, but I’m hopeful that the struggle is going to be worth it.
      I will pass along your kind words to Bryce. 🙂

  2. The fact that you would argue against the “guru” status, actually makes you a guru, Erin! @amyshoultzphd and I actually wrote a Sam&AmySpeak post about this very thing. It’s the very people who refuse the esteemed title that actually make the cut. 
    So glad to know a guru such as you! 😉

    •  @texascopywriter  @amyshoultzphd Could you share the link?
      I’m glad to know a guru like you, too! 😀

      •  @Erin F.  @amyshoultzphd LOL! I’m no guru…just a hack! Of course we’ll share. I’m pretty sure it’s in my BundlePost already, but love to share more! It’s what I do! xoxo

  3. I fall into the holes of: writer, poet, designer, developer, photographer, and illustrator; and the best way that I know how to avoid it is to keep these details separate. If I am being introduced to someone by a mutual friend, usually I know that person because of a certain skill set, which will be mentioned, but if another part comes up during conversation, I’ll add in my specialty there, but without being spam-ish.

    •  @DustBunnyMafia Perhaps that’s the secret – letting others make the introductions for us. They’ll highlight the things that are important.
      I try to keep the details separate, too. It’s why I only draw one new Write Right comic per month. I don’t want to detract from the main aim of Write Right.