Make Good Tables

Make Good Tables — Write RightWhat the Church should be telling [the carpenter] is this: that the very first demand his religion makes upon him is that he should make good tables. — Dorothy Sayers, “Why Work”

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How to Be a Better Writer: Give Yourself Rewards

How to Be a Better Writer: Give Yourself RewardsIf you want to be a better writer, i.e., a writer who writes for a lifetime and not merely a month, you should give yourself rewards. They don’t have to be big-ticket items. After all, you’re not likely to make much money as a writer unless you’re dead.

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Good Writing Takes Sweat

Good Writing Takes Sweat — Write Right(and maybe some blood and tears)

It’s surprising how many parallels exist between high-grade athletics and top-level creative work. There are strategies that will help optimize, improve, cultivate…but the main ingredients are always the same.

The effort — focused positively and generously — is what matters. The time. The energy. The willingness to try — over and over again.

The readiness to exert, to sweat.

— Death to the Stock Photo, “Sweat”

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If the Word Fits, It Sits

If the Word Fits, It SitsThe right word looks like a cat with a box. If it fits, it sits—even if it oozes over the sides. It gives no thought to the box. It’s the right word, and the right word sits where and when it likes.

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Gifts versus Talents

Gifts versus TalentsSimilarly, we are each given different gifts and talents by our Master. The thing that matters most is how we use what we have been given, not how much we make or do compared to someone else. What matters is that we spend ourselves. — Francis Chan, Crazy Love

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Write Right: Hone or Home In?

Write Right: Hone or Home In?A client recently asked, “Is the correct wording ‘home in’ or ‘hone in’?” I thought I knew the answer—turns out I did—but I’m not one to turn down the opportunity to talk about words and usage.

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How to Be a Better Writer: Choose Active Voice

How to Be a Better Writer: Choose Active VoiceIf you want to be a better writer, you must avoid passive voice. Not that you can’t use it; it should be exercised in some instances. In most cases, though, you should opt for active.

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This Matters: Church Community

“Committing to a local church is all about love.” — Tyler David, The Austin Stone

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What to Do When You Doubt

What to Do When You Struggle with DoubtWhen I struggle with doubt, my instincts run one of two ways.

  1. I turn into a mad woman, planning all the plans.
  2. I fall apart and start to question everything.

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Sacrament: Baptism

Baptism reveals identity. It manifests to whom I belong (Jesus!) and rejoices in what he did and does in my life. I proclaim I have died to sin and live to walk in newness of life, to bear fruit for God (Romans 7:4, NASB).

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