Write Right Considers Humpty Dumpty’s Predicament

Write Right Considers Humpty Dumpty's Predicament

How to Be a Better Writer: Use a Scalpel

How to Be a Better Writer: Use a ScalpelIf you want to be a better writer, learn to use a scalpel. See your words with the distance, the objectiveness, of the surgeon’s eye. Examine the work for nicked arteries. They reveal themselves quickly—the words spurt blood and reek of melodrama and overwrought characters.

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A Cloud Begins to Swell

A Cloud Begins to Swell — Write RightA song from Elevation Worship contains the words, “There is a cloud, beginning to swell.” The lyrics exude vibrancy and warmth. It’s a nice enough song, but I find it hard to relate to. Perhaps it’s my deep-rooted pessimism or the understanding that “dry seasons” and seeds “buried in sorrow” may remain that way for a long, long time, sometimes a lifetime.

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Calling, Collaboration, and Care

Calling, Collaboration, and Care — Write RightIn the last year or so, the Austin Stone Worship Collective shifted from only monthly fellowship meals to alternating between fellowship gatherings one month and trainings the next. The trainings, held on Saturday mornings, cover almost anything related to artists and faith. Some months, the trainings look like breakout sessions. Other months, they involve guest speakers who range from film directors to storytellers.

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Does Integrity Matter?

Does Integrity Matter? — Write RightIf I were to conduct an informal poll of the audience and ask, “Does integrity matter?” I think I would hear almost all affirmative replies. Of course integrity matters. However, what is integrity truly? The word acts as some ideal — it appears in company value statements across the world— but it sometimes escapes easy explanation.

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You Have Two Jobs

You Have Two Jobs — Write RightThe more time I spend with the Bible learning who God is, the more I recognize the continuity between the Old and New Testament. God stays the same in both periods of time. While the Old Testament may recount more battles, sieges, and exiles than the New Testament, God’s call to man remains consistent.

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How to Be a Better Writer: Something Old, Something New

How to Be a Better Writer: Something Old, Something New“In order to own the narrative, you have to keep reciting it. Remind yourself that your messages only feel old and stale to you. They are fresh and unique to each new person you speak to. And consistency gives you a context in case your messages would benefit from a tweak or a teardown.” — Marianne Griebler

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How to Think about Work

How to Think about Work — Write RightWork gets a bad rap, understandably so. Not all work is fun. It takes effort and time. It challenges and frustrates. The work — or the absence of it — produces stress and anxiety.

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Welcome the Silence

Welcome the Silence — Write Right“Real sustained silence, the kind that facilitates clear and creative thinking, quiets inner chatter as well as outer.” — Justin Talbot-Zorn and Leigh Marz, Harvard Business ReviewContinue Reading

How to Be a Better Writer: Increase Your Proficiency

How to Be a Better Writer: Increase Your Proficiency — Write Right“The ability comes naturally,” replied Kell. “The proficiency takes work.” — A Gathering of Shadows, V.E. Schwab

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