How to Be a Better Writer: Don’t Be Complacent

How to Be a Better Writer: Don't Be ComplacentIt’s easy to settle into a writing groove. You go on autopilot, let the words take care of themselves. Don’t. If you want to be a better writer, you can’t, mustn’t be complacent.

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The Greatest Commandment

The Pharisees and Sadducees constantly try to trip Jesus up and inevitably end up with pie on their faces. Take when they ask Jesus what the greatest commandment is–Jesus answers simply, yet profoundly. (He always does that. It’s a thing.)

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Dedicated to Craft

Dedicated to Craft -- Write RightMy favorite musicians (Adam Young, a.k.a. Owl City, Aaron Ivey, Family Force 5, to name a few) care about their craft. They experiment; they challenge themselves with new forms and styles. Because of that, I pay attention whenever they produce a new album.

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Church Marketing Sucks

Death_to_stock_kinckerbocker_photography_6 copyChurch Marketing Sucks exists to help church communicators do better marketing. I volunteer as a writer and content manager for the organization.

Signs of Love

Death_to_stock_photography_farm_7 copySigns of Love, a nonprofit in the Honduras, differs from my usual work. I provide illustrations to be used in their ministry to the deaf.

Creative Missions

Death_to_stock_photography_Wake_Up_7 copyIn May 2016, I joined one of eight Creative Missions to help Vermont churches with their communications. My team took photos, captured video, redesigned websites, and created logos and print materials. My role as the copywriter and marketing strategist was to tell stories, audit social media activity, and provide best practices and advice for visual storytelling on social networks.


Death_to_stock_kinckerbocker_photography_1 copyUniKey offers a smart mobile access control platform that can power new or reinvent existing hardware, applications, and cloud-based integrations. I work with the company to author white papers, thought leadership articles, and blog posts.



Death_to_stock_Dinner_damo_5 copyRapidAdvance helps small businesses grow through their online lending platform. I partner with the company to author educational white papers for their customers.


Death_to_stock_BMX1_8 copyLocalist, an events marketing platform, gives customers the ability to manage events and glean insights into event performance. I primarily write blog posts about best practices for event marketing and management.

360 Partners


Death_to_stock_photography_bonus_floral_2 copyBased in Austin, Texas, 360 Partners is an SEO and PPC agency. I’m part of a freelancing pool hired to write blog posts about marketing for their C-suite audience.