Punctured Tires and Thumb Tacks

Thumb Tacks

We hollow out without utility. – Kyle McCord, “I’m Concerned You Will be Reincarnated as Office Supplies”

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How to be a Better Writer: Try Something New

Try something new.

For sure, you have to be lost to find a place that can’t be found, else ways everyone would know where it was. – Captain Barbossa, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

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Failure is not an Option

Do not fear failure.

While I like the sentiment of “failure is not an option,” I can’t agree with the statement in its entirety. Failure happens, sometimes because of something I’ve done or failed to do and sometimes because of circumstances entirely out of my control. When it does, how will I stand up under it if I live life by the credo “failure is not an option”?

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Quit Wasting Time

Quit wasting time.

I’ve decided to cancel my Amazon Prime account. The two-day shipping perk doesn’t cut it. I can’t ever seem to find a decent book to borrow from the Kindle Lending Library, either – a user error, I’m sure, but a worthwhile justification to my way of thinking. Add the distraction of Amazon Prime Instant Video, and it’s too much. I need to be done with it. I have better things to do, but I’ll never do them as long as I let the diversion live.

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Write Right: Climatic versus Climactic

Write Right Talks about Writing RightA single letter can change a word. In the case of “climatic” and “climactic,” the extra “c” changes the meaning of the two words utterly.

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Visual Media: The New Content Marketing Landscape

The Road to the Pentagon

Geoff Livingston (my boss!) and I have been working on a top-secret project that we’re happy to announce: an e-book that examines the shift from primarily text-driven communication to visuals. Our work in marketing, PR, social, and mobile has given us a birds-eye view of the situation, and it isn’t one that can be addressed by creating “snackable content.” We believe the shift is much deeper and larger than that. While we don’t believe words are going to disappear altogether, we do think a change in how we approach, create, and publish content is needed.

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Sometimes There is No Right Word

Sometimes good - the right word - just isn't enough.Writers put a lot of stock in finding the right word. Justifiably so; the right word is the right word. No other word but that one will do. Sometimes, though, the right word simply doesn’t exist.

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Write Right and Watson Take a Case

Write Right (Sherlock Holmes) and Watson take a case.

Check Your Ego before You Wreck Your Writing

Ego.Writers can be an egotistical bunch. I should know. I’m one of them.

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Is Writing Something You Do or Something You Are?


“Is writing something you do or something you are?” The question’s an interesting one, and my answer may be at odds with the majority. Writing is something I do. While it’s extremely important to me and I love it, it isn’t who I am.

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