Have you ever wanted to hide under the bed when confronted with big, scary things?In the past month or so, I’ve undertaken some BIG, SCARY THINGS. Things that will require sacrificing some of the free time I do have. Things that will require bravery and efforts of a different sort. Things that require a lot of behind-the-scenes work before they can be shared publicly. Things that will start to be shared in the upcoming months (All I can say is, pay attention to your inboxes and the blog.).

They are things that should scare me witless. They sometimes do if I think too hard about them. I then remember why I’m pursuing those things. I begin to get excited about those things, and the fear associated with them dissipates. The monster hiding under the bed or in my closet becomes a very cuddly one-eyed monster or quilly creature.

Some of the BIG, SCARY THINGS have had to be put on hold in order to accomplish the other BIG, SCARY THINGS. For instance, I wanted to start podcasting this year, but I don’t have the time or the resources. I have to be content with that fact; at least, I try to be. I tend to set unrealistic expectations and to place those unrealistic expectations within unrealistic time frames. I need to be a little more realistic. I need to remember I’m human.

Some of the other things aren’t all that BIG, but they are SCARY. I’ve been putting what talents I do have with InDesign to the test and have been creating some posters. They’ll eventually be posted on the site, but I want to have more than one or two posters before I create a page dedicated to them. I sometimes worry about those posters. What if people don’t like them? What if people think they’re silly or, worse yet, stupid? I have to squelch those feelings every time I create a poster and get ready to send it to my e-letter subscribers (It’s one of the perks of being a subscriber. You get exclusive sneak peeks at some of my behind-the-scenes work.). I have to hope that one or two people will appreciate the posters and my decision to embrace the BIG, SCARY THINGS.

Are you working on any BIG, SCARY THINGS? How can I support you while you’re working on them?

Photo: stuartpilbrow (CC BY-SA 2.0)


  1. The biggest scary thing right is beginning my college in September. Maybe because I am going to be studying after a gap of two years! So, that is big and yes, a little scary! 

    • Hajra  That is a big thing and understandably scary. It would be a huge adjustment to go back to school. Will you be studying psychology? 

      • Erin F. Yup. I have a Masters in Clinical Psychology though I always wanted to specialize in special education. I finally get the chance. This is an M.S in Special Education. 

        • Hajra  I think those two degrees will lead to great opportunities for you. 🙂

        • Erin F. Fingers crossed! Hoping the same. Though my siblings always keep reminding me this – you do know when you hope for more work, you are actually hoping for more people to go a little crazy or a little depressed. 

        • Hajra  I think siblings are supposed to give you a hard time. My brothers – both my real brothers and my co-workers who are like brothers – do the same thing.


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