And the Winner Is…

The winner is Jason Konopinski.And the winner is…not Michael Schechter. Sorry, Michael. The winner is Jason Konopinski. I’m almost certain he’s going to celebrate with a Snoopy dance; at least, I hope he’s excited enough about winning that he’ll want to dance a Snoopy dance.

Jason is yet another person I’ve met through Gini Dietrich. I’m starting to doubt she’s an introvert. She knows everybody. I’m an introvert, though, and I seem to know a lot of people, too. I suppose being an introvert really has nothing to do with how many friends one does or doesn’t have.

Jason has an excellent blog that I recommend people read and follow. I know I enjoy reading it. I might be biased since he and I share a mutual love for literature and literary theory, although he knows far more than I do in the literary theory department. Actually, he knows quite a bit of theory – both literary and cultural – and he brings it to bear upon discussions about social media and other real-life situations.

I’ll be drawing Jason’s chibi some time this week or this weekend and will send it to him next Tuesday evening. I’ll then publish the drawing on the blog next Wednesday. I’m sure some people will want to see a chibified version of Jason.

I know some of you will be disappointed that you didn’t win. My apologies. Perhaps we can have a rematch at some point, or, if you’re really desperate for a chibified version of yourself or need a hand-drawn badge, you always can contact me.


  1. Yay Jason…Jason is a delight…always supportive, great sense of humor and all around nice guy! I can’t wait to see your talented chibified take on Jason. Each time I see the word chibified, my eyes see chubbified and I laugh at the image that evokes!
    You are going to do fabulous here at your new home Erin! Look at the community you have created and nurtured already! Good for you!! You deserve greatness !

    •  @SocialMediaDDS Oh no! Now I’m going to see “chubbified” every time I write “chibified.” 🙂
      Thank you! This drawing never would have worked a few months ago. How things change. I do love this community. The people in it are fantastic.

    •  @SocialMediaDDS For the record, I’m only “like”ing the chubbified part of your comment, and NOT all the nice things you had to say about Jason. Don’t want his head to get too big to fit into the main hall at Social Slam next month…

  2. Oh my heavens!  My mom is going to be so proud of me. 🙂 

    •  @jasonkonopinski You’re having a great week it seems! The spa, Pi Day, winning a chibi…
      You’ll have to let me know if you have any special requests for your chibi before I officially settle upon the current idea I’m contemplating. 

  3. I felt like the contest was crooked from the beginning…boooo.
    Nah, congrats to Jason and I hope the new blog launch is going great, Erin.  

    •  @Jacob Yount You and @SocialMediaDDS both! She’s threatening an uprising on Facebook.
      I think it is going well, but it might be too early too tell. Sorry for the rhyme. It was by accident.

  4. Lucky bastard.

  5. We dust bunnies are in protest, we say it’s been rigged. How do we know, because we rigged it and we didn’t win!

  6. We dust bunnies are in protest, we say it’s been rigged. How do we know? Because we rigged it and we didn’t win!

    •  @DustBunnyMafia Haha! What is the deal with all the protesting today? Somebody must have spiked the coffee this morning.

  7. (I assume you didn’t tell Michael Schechter that you intentionally removed his name from the contest because you thought it would be good for his personal growth… right?)

    •  @yuvizalkow How’d you know? I think MSchechter is ignoring this post. Something about going to the desert or something like that. 😉
      How are things in book-editing land?

      •  @Erin F.  Book editing land is good. Thanks for asking. I’ve completed the major edits and now waiting for the galleys. And I’m wasting time worrying about publicity and a bunch of other things that are derailing the actual writing. 🙂
        Things are looking fabulous on this site so far! Great work.

        •  @yuvizalkow Thank you! The site does seem to be doing well. It’s much more inviting than the old one, which helps.
          I’d tell you not to worry, but I’d have to take my own advice if I did. I don’t think it’ll be too hard to get the publicity going. You have a far-reaching network. As for the other things, I hope they reach a point where you don’t have to worry about them or that you’ll reach the point where you choose not to worry. 🙂