How to Know Oneself

Man walking on the shore of a lake. Black and white photograph.

“God gave us the Bible so that we might know ourselves.” Creative Missions Most modern advice to know oneself says to turn inward. By examining one’s feelings and desires, so the thought goes, a person can determine one’s direction and purpose. The problem with the thought is that the person who travels inward rarely leaves […]

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Why You Need to Finish Things

A pen and 2018 calendar beside a silver Macbook Pro.

Try to finish things. You learn more as an aspiring writer from finishing things. — Neil Gaiman, Book Reading in Austin, Texas Neil Gaiman directed his advice on finishing things toward writers, but his words apply to anyone. Artist or scientist, child or adult, everyone learns more from finishing things. For example, the action produces […]

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S is for Shawarma

Pork shawarma on a plate.

Ah, shawarma. Many people likely think of the scene from Iron Man when they hear the word. I, however, think of the actual food. It belongs in the realm of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods, which I happen to find thoroughly palatable.

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