Why I’ll Be Publishing Less This September

Just a wee break...This September, I’m trying something new. I’ll be publishing less often. I may continue the trend in October, but I can’t say that with certainty. I only know that I’ll be publishing less this month.

My reasons for publishing less? They could be because I read a post at New Media Expo or Michael Hyatt’s post about frequency, but neither are the real impetus behind my decision. Both posts were excellent; they caused me to pause and reflect, but they are not the motivation behind why I’ll be publishing less often.

Another reason could be that I want to test traffic trends. The reason is somewhat true; I am interested in seeing how traffic will respond to fewer published posts per month. I typically have steady traffic throughout the week, although the numbers aren’t grand. Perhaps publishing less often could increase traffic and better funnel it.

While the traffic reason is a legitimate one, it’s still not the real reason. The real reason is that I’m tired. I’m not tired of blogging. I’m not tired of Write Right. I’m simply tired of Write Right not being where I thought it would be by this point. I’m tired of struggling to find time to work on Write Right. I once told a friend that I have the effort for Write Right but not the time. Since I need more time, I’m going to make it. I’ll continue writing consistently, but I’ll be publishing less. Doing so will give me a few extra hours here and there, which should help with both Write Right and some of my regular guest posts for Waxing UnLyrical and Leaders West. The extra hours should allow me to pursue some other ideas and to prepare for some upcoming opportunities, too. They also will allow me to guest post elsewhere – something I’ve been trying to do regularly but not having the time. With fewer posts published at Write Right, I should be able to redirect my writing energies elsewhere. The extra time, too, will give me a chance to reassess. Write Right isn’t where I want or need it to be. If I want to get it to that point, I need to develop a strategy for developing leads and closing sales. If I can’t, all I have is a nice blog with some nice posts and some nice comics. Nice, but not what I envision or desire for Write Right.

Thus, I’m taking a quasi-break from Write Right. It might be hard to tell because the blog and the social networks will remain active, and some of the changes I’m making to Write Right will be felt within the next few weeks. I am taking a break, though. I’m going to do what needs to be done, and that means publishing less so that Write Right can do more.

Photo: Doug McAbee (CC BY-NC 2.0)


  1. I have done the same Erin, not posting daily but several times a week when there is something relevant to share. Traffic did not disappear. Gives me more time to comment, share and work on retail sites. I hope you find it does you and your blog well 🙂

    • lisabuben290 I hope it does, too. I’ve decided I need to work more on the business and less on the blog, and I also need time to work on more creative things.

  2. Well, as long as what works for you, your business and your blog. Blogging isn’t the universe! 🙂

    • Hajra  No, it’s not, and it’s time to go explore what else is available in the universe. :)I hope it will work. I’m planning to write as consistently and constantly as I have been. I just get more breathing room with a less stringent schedule.

  3. Wise move. Do it:) I’ll be keeping tabs on your re: this as your 30-day challenge. Cheers! Kaarina