Sometimes There is No Right Word

Sometimes good - the right word - just isn't enough.Writers put a lot of stock in finding the right word. Justifiably so; the right word is the right word. No other word but that one will do. Sometimes, though, the right word simply doesn’t exist.

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Check Your Ego before You Wreck Your Writing

Ego.Writers can be an egotistical bunch. I should know. I’m one of them.

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Always Seek What’s Better


“Never want to say anything so strongly that you give up the option of finding something better. If you have to say it, you will.” – Richard Hugo, “Nuts and Bolts”

When you start writing a piece, you have a certain direction in mind. You know you want to talk about a specific idea. You may even have some thoughts regarding how to write about that idea. If you aren’t careful, those thoughts will imprison you. You will be stuck with a darling that will kill your writing if you don’t kill it first.

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