How to Be a Better Writer: Give Yourself Rewards

How to Be a Better Writer: Give Yourself RewardsIf you want to be a better writer, i.e., a writer who writes for a lifetime and not merely a month, you should give yourself rewards. They don’t have to be big-ticket items. After all, you’re not likely to make much money as a writer unless you’re dead.

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Good Writing Takes Sweat

Good Writing Takes Sweat — Write Right(and maybe some blood and tears)

It’s surprising how many parallels exist between high-grade athletics and top-level creative work. There are strategies that will help optimize, improve, cultivate…but the main ingredients are always the same.

The effort — focused positively and generously — is what matters. The time. The energy. The willingness to try — over and over again.

The readiness to exert, to sweat.

— Death to the Stock Photo, “Sweat”

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Writing Gear Matters

Your Writing Gear Matters -- Write RightPeople might might assume writers don’t have “writing gear,” but they do. Some writers require applications like Evernote and Scrivener. Others work best with only a yellow notepad, pens, and highlighters.

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