Integrity through the Seasons

Integrity through the Seasons — Write RightIntegrity comes easier in the lush times. Client work remains steady; the coffers stay full. I experience the luxury of choice and can accept or reject a project without risking anything. In the lean times, integrity becomes difficult. Client work slows to a trickle; the pipeline echoes; and money exits the bank account without ever returning. I consider a questionable project, wondering whether to accept it.Continue Reading

Creativity or Integrity

Creativity or Integrity — Write RightI keep returning to the subjects of creativity and integrity—this marks the third occasion of writing about them in the span of a month. The predilection seems to indicate a new obsession, which I think is fine. The two topics, particularly their interactions with each other, matter. They relate to how I view work, art, and faith.

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Does Integrity Matter?

Does Integrity Matter? — Write RightIf I were to conduct an informal poll of the audience and ask, “Does integrity matter?” I think I would hear almost all affirmative replies. Of course integrity matters. However, what is integrity truly? The word acts as some ideal — it appears in company value statements across the world— but it sometimes escapes easy explanation.

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