Does Integrity Matter?

Does Integrity Matter? — Write RightIf I were to conduct an informal poll of the audience and ask, “Does integrity matter?” I think I would hear almost all affirmative replies. Of course integrity matters. However, what is integrity truly? The word acts as some ideal — it appears in company value statements across the world— but it sometimes escapes easy explanation.

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How to Be a Better Writer: Be an Archeologist

How to Be a Better Writer: Be an Archeologist -- Write RightIf you want to be a better writer, particularly a writer who authors white papers and case studies, you have to be an archeologist. Grab your hat and a whip—you’re going to need them. Boulders will give chase; you will fall into a pit of snakes. Be prepared. Come with the whip at the ready.

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From There to Here: Integrity

Stand in Your Integrity

in•teg•ri•ty n (15c) 1: an unimpaired condition : SOUNDNESS 2: firm adherence to a code of esp. moral or artistic values : INCORRUPTIBILITY 3: the quality or state of being complete or undivided : COMPLETENESS syn see HONESTYContinue Reading