Humility and Excellence

Excellence and Humility — Write Right“Humility is the foundation of excellence.” — Coach Sean Quinlan

Excellence rarely develops in the absence of humility. Without a spirit of humility, other traits like perfectionism and showmanship emerge. Neither have anything to do with excellence; rather, they demonstrate pride and arrogance.

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It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

It Doesn't Hurt to Ask -- Write RightIf you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you have to get comfortable with knocking on doors. Some will open. Others will be slammed in your face. A few open partially—the chain or foot stays in the door. It’s your job to convince the person behind it to open the door fully.

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How to be a Better Writer: Be Teachable

How to be a Better Writer: Be TeachableThe idea of being teachable relates to humility. You submit to another, be it the author you’re reading, the employer you serve, or the professor teaching the class. You open yourself to criticism and new ways of looking at things.

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