On Collaboration: An Introvert’s Perspective

Introverts aren't necessarily shy.I champion collaboration, which might seem odd when I am an introvert and typically work best when left to my own devices. Collaboration is not at odds with independent work or an introverted nature; collaboration is a way to refresh ideas and to gain new perspectives and insights. It’s a way to learn new things and to work toward common and sometimes shared goals.

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Thank You for Believing in Me

This post probably is more suited for Thanksgiving, but it wasn’t ready to go then. Thus, I’m keeping the thankful spirit alive this week and, I hope, every week.

Write Right - Speaking EngagementsI sometimes forget how far I’ve come in the past year. This year has had difficult moments, but last year? Last year was a year of brokenness. The breaking was necessary. I needed to be stripped of certain things, namely a relationship and some clients. It only was through losing those things that I became teachable. I learned what I would and would not accept in a relationship, both personally and professionally. I learned where I did and did not need to change  – alas, I probably am more stubborn than I ever was. I also learned what it was that I wanted and was meant to do, and it was to draw and write and to help people become better communicators.

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Little, Scary Things

Scary things can be big or little.I’ve written about the BIG, SCARY THINGS, but what about the little, scary things? Things like changing an e-letter format. Adding a Creative Commons license. Focusing on growing the subscription base to the monthly e-letter (Have you subscribed?). Giving credit to the artwork used with the posts. Little things. Things that aren’t all that scary but are in some way. They indicate change – a change in thought and in actions. They indicate movement toward something bigger.

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