Work and Worries

Work and Worry—Write Right

I sometimes use work to cope with worry. When I have enough work, my worries disappear. I know the concerns are still there, but the work pushes them into the shadows. I can pretend they don’t exist, I’m fine, nothing’s wrong.

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A Simple Pursuit

A Simple Pursuit—Write RightGod take us back, the place we began

The simple pursuit of nothing but You


[Because] nothing and no one comes close to You

Nothing could ever come close

Nothing and no one; it’s You and You only

Nothing could ever come close

“Simple Pursuit,” Passion

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Integrity through the Seasons

Integrity through the Seasons — Write RightIntegrity comes easier in the lush times. Client work remains steady; the coffers stay full. I experience the luxury of choice and can accept or reject a project without risking anything. In the lean times, integrity becomes difficult. Client work slows to a trickle; the pipeline echoes; and money exits the bank account without ever returning. I consider a questionable project, wondering whether to accept it.Continue Reading