Integrity through the Seasons

Integrity through the Seasons — Write RightIntegrity comes easier in the lush times. Client work remains steady; the coffers stay full. I experience the luxury of choice and can accept or reject a project without risking anything. In the lean times, integrity becomes difficult. Client work slows to a trickle; the pipeline echoes; and money exits the bank account without ever returning. I consider a questionable project, wondering whether to accept it.Continue Reading

Creative Missions 2017: The Story

Creative Missions 2017: The Story (1) — Write RightSince Creative Missions 2017 marks only my second trip, I can’t say with certainty that every trip differs. This year’s trip, though, did not repeat the 2016 one. I spent the majority of my time authoring communication strategies and social media plans. The rest of the time featured some website content writing.

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Running in the Fog

Running in the Fog — Write RightEvery once in a while — this being Texas, after all — I run in the fog. The clouds visit earth and make the location their habitation. Fog tendrils drift and swirl, filling every nook, cranny, and corner of the clouds’ new quarters. Sometimes, the fog comes with a small force. It seems ghostlike and wispy, utterly transparent. I look out and ahead for a few miles. Other times, the fog brings its entire battalion. The surrounding world turns opaque, and I see only five to ten feet in front of me.

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