On Writing: Loaves and Fishes

Writing is like loaves and fishes.
Writing is like giving away the few loaves and fishes one has, trusting that they will multiply in the giving. – Henri Nouwen, from his Reflections on Theological Education

Writing – perhaps all art forms – dwell within the habitudes of uncertainty and bewilderment. I enter into the act of creating not knowing if I’ll create anything. A doubt underlies the thought: perhaps I’ve drawn my last drawing already, perhaps I have no more words to write.Continue Reading

Do the Things that Make Your Soul Grow

Faith and art make my soul grow.

My friend Esther frames Vonnegut’s saying differently: do the things that make your soul happy. She and I are quiet for a moment – an oddity for the two of us – and reflect on what her statement means in the context of our conversation. She and I aren’t speaking of a short-term happiness but of a long-term one, one that is rooted in pursuing God and resting in Him.

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Created to Create


My heart is astir with a good theme;
I address my verses to the King;
My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.
Psalm 45:1 (NASB)

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