Walk on Water

Walk on Water--Write RightFor me, starting a business is an act of faith. It’s Peter in the boat all over again. Jesus is inviting him to come, never mind the fact that Peter will have to walk on water to do it. The water is unimportant. What is important is Peter’s faith. What is important is acceptance and action: he has to get out of the boat and walk on the water.

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Come Home

Come Home--Write RightTo you who are stuck in self-loathing, regret, guilt, and shame, the message is simple. It’s the same as it has always been:Continue Reading

I Should Be Terrified

I Should Be Terrified--Write RightI should be terrified about starting a business, but I’m not. Six months ago, I might have had some nervousness. A year ago? I would have been petrified with fear. The news about Tenacity5 winding down in three months would have been like staring into the eyes of Medusa—never a good idea unless one’s remembered to keep a reflective shield at the ready.

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