On Writing for the Public

On Writing for the Public — Write RightAll writing communicates certain qualities. Good writing causes the mind to question. It attracts attention through beautiful words and imagery. It invites the reader inward.

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How to be a Better Writer: Set a Standard

How to be a Better Writer: Set a Standard — Write Right

I ruined steak for my brother when I split a Ruth’s Chris gift card with him. He took one bite of a Ruth’s Chris steak, and he was done, forever. Literally slayed in the seat. Agog with wonder that a steak, a steak, could taste that good.

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Humility and Excellence

Excellence and Humility — Write Right“Humility is the foundation of excellence.” — Coach Sean Quinlan

Excellence rarely develops in the absence of humility. Without a spirit of humility, other traits like perfectionism and showmanship emerge. Neither have anything to do with excellence; rather, they demonstrate pride and arrogance.

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