When You Make the Wrong Decision

Sometimes, you make the wrong decision.

When you make the wrong decision, there are no rewinds or take-backs. You’re stuck with what you’ve thought and done. You can be entrapped by the remorse, guilt, and shame you feel about that decision, or you can find your way toward freedom.Continue Reading

From There to Here: Cheerfulness

Cheerful.If you decide to make something, no matter how big or small, you will encounter challenges. You will realize you don’t know enough. You will find you don’t have the time to learn a new technique, read books, talk with people, design a new portfolio, or take an internship. If you still decide to make that something despite all that, you will have a bumpy road. You will wonder why you ever started down the path. You will doubt yourself, and you will become discouraged.

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Be Strong and Do the Work

Your struggles develop your strengths.Pressfield may be known for the line “do the work,” but it isn’t original to him. He simply made it popular. The term has been around for years, even centuries.

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