How to Be a Better Writer: Cultivate Curiosity

How to Be a Better Writer: Cultivate Curiosity — Write RightAn article at PBS explains how to raise curious kids, noting that curiosity can improve academic performance. A fair and good point, but kids aren’t the only ones who need “to be raised.” Adults do, too. They sometimes forget that curiosity is an excellent quality, in all fields of study and all stages of life. It creates excitement and allows a person to laugh with delight at the smallest of things. It causes people to try new things and to spend time learning about a subject.

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Learn Something New

Learn Something New--Write RightGood writing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It happens in the presence of experience, both good and bad. It happens because of curiosity.

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Always Ask Why

…I recommend questioning everything: the media buy, the research, the whole reason the client is advertising – all of it. It’s likely you won’t be able to change anything one bit…But in the asking, in the challenging, whole new approaches may reveal themselves. Remember, the most important word a creative person can use is why. – Luke SullivanContinue Reading