Creative Life Truths: Everyone is Creative

Creative Life Truths: Everyone is Creative—Write Right

This creative life truth probably stands as one of my favorites. Reason: I’ve been arguing the case that everyone is creative for years. I vividly recall saying something along that line to my college roommate. A few years later, I made the statement to my youngest brother, an engineer.

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Creative Life Truths: No One’s Ideas are Original

Creative Life Truths: No One’s Ideas are Original—Write Right

A few weeks ago, The Next Web published an article about the brutal truths of the creative life. I enjoyed the article so much that I decided to approach each of the eleven truths in individual posts. The first truth: no one’s ideas are original.

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Creativity or Integrity

Creativity or Integrity — Write RightI keep returning to the subjects of creativity and integrity—this marks the third occasion of writing about them in the span of a month. The predilection seems to indicate a new obsession, which I think is fine. The two topics, particularly their interactions with each other, matter. They relate to how I view work, art, and faith.

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