Blogging without a Purpose


Blogging without a Purpose--Write RightI rarely, if ever, post anything about marketing on Write Right. I may provide marketing strategy and content creation services to clients—and I have fun with both—but I don’t often write about the first on this site. I occasionally write about the second, insofar as it relates to the writing life in general. I usually avoid both.

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ClearlinkI work with Clearlink to provide content for a variety of verticals ranging from smart home technologies to small business advice. It’s great fun to explore different topics and to write in different tones and voices.

My Blogging Secret: A Well-Stocked Pantry

Pantry.When it comes to publishing content regularly and consistently on this site, I have a secret: I have a stockpile of content. I probably have enough content – if I were to work through all the drafts sitting in my folder – to last two months. I know this, but I don’t stop writing. I don’t quit stocking the pantry. I keep it full.

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