My Blogging Secret: A Well-Stocked Pantry

Pantry.When it comes to publishing content regularly and consistently on this site, I have a secret: I have a stockpile of content. I probably have enough content – if I were to work through all the drafts sitting in my folder – to last two months. I know this, but I don’t stop writing. I don’t quit stocking the pantry. I keep it full.

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So You Want to Author a Blog: 7 Thoughts

So you want to author a blog.Hello [Name],

I’m sorry we missed each other the other day. I’ll share what thoughts I have about authoring a blog based on the questions found in your most recent email.

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Returning to the Rough Drafts

What rough draft shall I visit today?I have a simple process for filing my in-process work: I name it by the keywords found in its title. If the work is on its way to the final stages in my editorial process, those keywords serve as a reminder of the topic and help me to figure out how it fits into my editorial calendar. If the work is still in draft stage, i.e., it isn’t ready for another stages besides the initial writing one, the file name demarcates that: word-word-draft.

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