Seven Things

In the past few weeks, I’ve been blog stalked and nominated. The blog stalk was courtesy of Hajra Khatoon; the nominations – there were two of them – were the works of Lisa Buben at Inspire to Thrive and Leilani Carrasco Smith at Tales of a Clyde Woman. Although the blog stalk came with no expectation of me stalking another person’s blog, the nominations were part of an ongoing movement in the blogosphere.

I’ve seen the movement previously, but I’ve never participated. As far as I know, I wasn’t mentioned in any earlier posts or movements, which is a relief for me. I always feel a little guilty that I don’t participate in Follow Friday or similar things. I mostly don’t become involved in those things because I’m concerned of hurting someone’s feelings if I forget to mention them. I prefer not to mention anyone than to mention someone at the expense of another person.

That being said, I’m not sure I can leave two nominations unanswered. The rules were a little different with each nomination, but they did have two similarities, one of them being the tell seven things about yourself portion. I’ve followed Leilani’s lead and have written my seven things by hand. If my handwriting is indecipherable, I’ve included a transcript below the image.

7 things about me

– 7 things about me –

  1. When I submit poems to journals, I use my full name: Erin Marie Feldman.
  2. I sign and date all my drawings, both the sketches and the tracings.
  3. I am stealing the idea for writing my seven things by hand from Leilani Carrasco Smith.
  4. I drive a standard and can become a little persnickety with people who don’t know how to drive one.
  5. I’m frequently mistaken for a college student or recent graduate.
  6. My name is Irish, but, as far as I know, I have no Irish ancestors.
  7. I love to explore and to find interesting local shops and restaurants.

Cheers! (I’m an honourary Canuck.)

The other similarity is that both Lisa and Leilani nominated seven other blogs. Lisa’s guidelines said to nominate other female bloggers. I can’t remember if Leilani had the same guidelines. I’m actually going to break Lisa’s rule and possibly Leilani’s with my nominations; many of my favorite blogs are written by males.

The nominations (in no particular order or ranking):

My seven. The authors of said blogs may now consider if they would like to continue the “seven” movement. I was told I was under no obligation to write this post, so I say the same to them.


  1. Good thing you didn’t mention my blog, then I’d have to dust the cobwebs currently growing there most likely have to fight off the spiders of Shelob size.

  2. I like that you broke the rules Erin and nominated males – and that you used handwriting – Different! Thanks for the mention. Love reading your blog! 

  3. Thanks for the stalk mention… who knew, people would appreciate their stalkers some day! ;)Nice reading the seven things about you…