Don’t Be Afraid to Miss Out

Red Umbrella

Choices can be placed into one of two categories: black and white ones and gray ones. Black and white ones aren’t necessarily easy to make even if the right choice is obvious; The Little Mermaid is an example. Ariel knows what is right, but she chooses what is wrong. She disobeys her father and finds […]

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Write Right: Allusion versus Illusion

Write Right Talks about Writing Right

Allusion and illusion differ by only one vowel, but a single vowel is all it takes. The two words could not be more different from one another. An allusion is an indirect reference. It’s a common technique in academics generally and literature specifically. Not a single college student has gone through her academic career without […]

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How Long Should Your Novel Be?


Every so often, I’m asked about how long a particular type of content should be. It isn’t an absurd question; it’s one I’ve googled when I need to know how many characters I’m allowed in a subject line and how many words in a headline. Such is the way of things when writing marketing copy […]

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