Sacrament: Communion

Communion -- Write Right

With this hand lettering exercise, I wanted to recall how rich the sacrament of communion is. It’s easy to forget; I’ve grown up in the church and been a believer for a long time. Because of that, I need to be reminded of the complexity and beauty of communion.

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Art as Meditation

Art as Meditation -- Write Right

One of my Leadership Development coaches last year exhorted encouraged me to dig into the Bible, to sit with a small passage of text and meditate on it and it alone. She knew and knows how my brain works; it makes connections to everything I’m reading. By the time I finish with a chapter in Romans, […]

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Worship is Life

Worship is Life -- Write Right

“We all worship something. Every day we wake up and choose to give praise, adoration, and attention to the thing we care most about. It’s what we’re designed to do.” — Pure Worship Conference 2016

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