When You Make the Wrong Decision

Sometimes, you make a bad decision.

When you make the wrong decision, there are no rewinds or take-backs. You’re stuck with what you’ve thought and done. You can be entrapped by the remorse, guilt, and shame you feel about that decision, or you can find your way toward freedom. It’s not an easy path for many reasons, one of them being […]

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How to be a Better Writer: Manage the Day

If you want to be a better writer, manage the day.

My campus pastor has said that failing to plan is planning for failure. He’s right. Without a plan, you twiddle your thumbs, put your feet up. You go nowhere fast. *** Put another way: manage your day, or your day will manage you. Set aside time for your writing. Plan for unexpected emergencies by creating […]

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The Form (and Content) of It

Natural beauty is its own form and content

I occasionally play with the form and content of the posts found on this site. Sometimes, it’s a test of reception. I want to know if the writing style or subject matter is welcome even if it’s only welcome by a few. Other times, it’s simply a way to test myself, to explore different ways […]

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