Calling, Collaboration, and Care

Calling, Collaboration, and Care — Write Right

In the last year or so, the Austin Stone Worship Collective shifted from only monthly fellowship meals to alternating between fellowship gatherings one month and trainings the next. The trainings, held on Saturday mornings, cover almost anything related to artists and faith. Some months, the trainings look like breakout sessions. Other months, they involve guest […]

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Does Integrity Matter?

Does Integrity Matter? — Write Right

If I were to conduct an informal poll of the audience and ask, “Does integrity matter?” I think I would hear almost all affirmative replies. Of course integrity matters. However, what is integrity truly? The word acts as some ideal — it appears in company value statements across the world— but it sometimes escapes easy […]

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You Have Two Jobs

You Have Two Jobs — Write Right

The more time I spend with the Bible learning who God is, the more I recognize the continuity between the Old and New Testament. God stays the same in both periods of time. While the Old Testament may recount more battles, sieges, and exiles than the New Testament, God’s call to man remains consistent.

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