Of Writers and Coffeeshops: The Sequel

When I first published “Of Writers and Coffeeshops” in 2011, I was amazed by the response. Several readers commented and shared whether they could or couldn’t work in coffeeshops. Unfortunately, those comments have been lost. They didn’t survive the move from one site to another. I’m not sure it matters too much; the readers and I were defeated by one Amber Avines. Her first job after graduating college was as a television reporter. She can write anywhere and under any circumstance. A lack of caffeine or a crowded coffeeshop won’t and doesn’t faze her.

My response to Amber’s comment? “You win the prize!” I knew I shouldn’t have made the statement the moment I posted it. I knew she would ask about the prize, and she did. Thus, I was committed to fashioning some sort of award. I decided to put my drawing skills to good use and to design a badge entitled “Use the Writing Force”:

Use the Writing Force

I probably should have asked Amber if she sides with Star Wars or Star Trek. I have no strong feelings regarding one or the other, but I know some people can be rather fanatical about which one is better. Perhaps she’ll forgive me if she is a Trekkie.

If you have yet to meet Amber, you should visit her at Words Done Write. She has a delightful blog and a thriving community. You also can find her on Twitter or Facebook.

This post originally was published in October 2011.


  1. Amber has a great blog. A good Tribe-mate candidate. 🙂

    • barrettrossie Is that a hint, Mr. Rossie? 🙂
      Sorry for the delayed response. I didn’t have internet access almost all week, and I hate trying to comment on posts via my phone.

  2. Aw, thanks Erin! I put that badge on my blog as soon as you gave it to me! I wear it with pride! 
    And, luckily, I have no Star Wars or Star Trek allegiances, so fret not my red-penned friend.

    • WordsDoneWrite I’m so glad that you like it!
      As to Barrett’s point, would you like to join the Merry Mutineers on Triberr?