I Choose to be Thankful

I am thankful.It’s* hard not to be self-reflective at this time of year. One year is concluding, and another is beginning. I find myself thinking about decisions I’ve made. I revisit memories.

Some of those memories are sad. Some of them are happy. Some of them are bittersweet as, I suppose, all good comedies and tragedies are.¹ Some of those memories have the ability to cause anger or grief.

All those emotions are a part of the human condition. I wouldn’t be much of a human if I didn’t feel them. The problem is that the final two – anger and grief – eventually strangle happiness and joy. They breed resentment and bitterness. If I’m not careful, they will strangle my happy memories and leave me with nothing.

I don’t want that to happen. I refuse to let it happen. I treasure those happy moments even if some of them were subsumed by angry and sad ones. Because of that, I’ve decided to change my perspective. I choose to be thankful for the happiness I was allowed to experience this year.

¹Yes, that is a reference to dear Shakespeare. His comedies always have some tragedy, and his tragedies always have some comedy. He was acquainted with the reality of the human experience and condition.

*Originally published December 30, 2011