How to Write and Publish More Often

Blogging tips for writing and publishing more often.I didn’t awaken one morning and decide to publish posts five days per week. I had to work up to that number. I had to train for it.

When I first started blogging, I was rather aimless. I blogged because I needed to get back to writing. That was the only goal. It wasn’t until a few months later that I started to put more dedicated energy into the whole process. Even then, I only was publishing one to two posts per month. I thought it was sufficient. I didn’t know how I possibly could write or publish more.

I continued in that mode of thinking until November 2010. November brought a challenge from the American Diabetes Association: write and publish a post every day in honor of diabetes. I didn’t know if I was ready for the challenge, but I was ready to grow. I accepted the challenge.

Fortunately, the American Diabetes Association helped with that challenge. The association provided topics for every day of the month. Some of the posts didn’t require words; Wordless Wednesday only required posting an image related to whatever topic had been assigned. Other assignments were simple, too. Some merely required sharing a favorite recipe. None of the posts required a huge time commitment. I could write a post in thirty minutes or less and be on my way for the day.

I think that time commitment and my accountability to the American Diabetes Association is what allowed me to start writing and publishing more often. I developed a habit of writing and publishing. As I became accustomed to the habit, I started adding new challenges: longer time increments, different topics, et cetera. My process, then, for writing and publishing more blog posts is two-fold:

  1. Develop and establish a writing and publishing routine.
  2. Be accountable to someone. For me, it was the American Diabetes Association. For you, it might be a writing coach, an employer, or a friend.

How do you write and publish more often?

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  1. I am part of a blogging group where we promise to post at least twice a week. Looks like I am bad at keeping that promise. I still need to figure out a way to get more regular. I am trying my best to squeeze out time for at least twice a week. Also, I think I should shift to shorter posts, but keep them coming, everyday! That’s my blogging “dream”!

    • Hajra  Yes, but from what you’ve said, you post for other people multiple times per week. I think you need to extend some grace to yourself, especially as you begin school. :)Maybe we should chat some time. I love helping people to develop a strategy.


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