How Blogging is Like Baking

Molasses cookies are wonderful.One of my favorite things to do is to bake; however, it’s baking with a purpose. I rarely bake for myself unless I have a strong craving for cookie dough. I like to bake for others. I’m happiest when I’m making other people happy.

I view blogging in a similar fashion. I have had the Write Right blog called a personal blog, which I suppose it is in some ways. I catalogue my experiences with the writing life and with being a perfectionist. The blog is not, however, primarily personal. I may write about my failures or feelings of failure, but I write about them because such writings can serve a purpose. They can help someone else who feels like a failure.

It’s that mindset that directs most of what I publish. If I write a piece that has no value to a visitor to the Write Right blog, I don’t publish it. I may tinker with the post until it becomes something relevant or applicable, but if it never achieves those qualities, it remains tucked away in a folder. I refuse to serve my readers something that has too little or too much salt. I won’t proffer them with something that bears little to no resemblance to a cookie even if it tastes fine. I am baking cookies for my readers, and I won’t give them the half-baked, misshapen, or burnt ones. I will give them the best ones because making them happy makes me happy.

Image: El Finco (CC BY NC SA 2.0)


  1. I just baked a wonderful chocolate cake yesterday (for my cousins birthday!) and now I see the connection to blogging!

    • Hajra  I know I could have written about how blogging can be like following a recipe, but that’s been done already. I wanted to focus on a different aspect of how blogging is like baking. 🙂
      You’re friends with weird people? I am, too!

  2. I haven’t baked since I blogged. But the holidays are coming up and I love to bake too for others, not myself.

  3. Always provide value:) And since I don’t bake, I will eat your cookies…and your content:) Cheers! Kaarina

  4. I bake and I blog but I shall serve no pastry before its proper time.

  5. Quality content! Yes, ma’am. Thanks for serving only the best cookies in the batch. So, my friend, how do I know if my cookies are terrible? I usually like them when I bake them and then I serve them to scrunched up faces and noses. Hmmmm……:-)

    • rdopping It comes down to listening to your readers. They’ll let you know – in one way or another – if your cookies are terrible. You then decide if your cookies only are terrible with a select few or many. If it’s many, it might be time to change the recipe. If it’s only a few, you may want to focus your recipe even further. Testing, targeting, and being responsive are some of the names in the game.

      • Erin F. @rdopping Very practical approach. Love it. Thanks.

        • rdopping You’re welcome. I have experience with it. Earning a degree in creative writing and working in the writing field has helped me to be a better listener and to take a stand when necessary.


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