How to Get More Work

Writing in comfort.People get work for three reasons or, at least, two out of three reasons: their work is good; they’re easy to get along with; and they deliver the work on time. – Neil Gaiman, “Make Good Art”

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are often occupied with thoughts of how to get more work. They read blog posts about how to use social media. They implement new SEO strategies on their sites. If they have the budget, they purchase ads or invest in other marketing tactics.

Nothing is wrong with those things. Freelancers and entrepreneurs do need to let potential customers know that they exist and are open for business. They mustn’t forget, however, that the reasons they get more work have little to do with how well their site performs or what their Klout score is.

The reasons they get more work are the three Gaiman notes. Their work is good; they’re easy to get along with; and they meet deadlines. They have to meet at least two of those reasons. Meeting only one of them is not sufficient to getting more work. If a freelancer produces good writing but is unruly and misses deadlines, she is unlikely to be hired again. If she’s easy to get along with but can’t do the work or meet deadlines, her friendliness is of no consequence. Similarly, if she can meet a deadline, but her work is so poor that it has to be redone, she won’t be hired again. She has to meet at least two of the three reasons – preferably all three – if she hopes to gain more work.

The freelancer who does produce good work, is easy to get along with, and meets deadlines is the one to watch out for. She may not have the best site although it probably will be better than many. She may not be that active on social, and she may not even be that concerned with SEO. She is devoted to the work, and it is that devotion, not her presence or lack of it on social, that will win her favor and more work.

Image: Chapendra (CC BY NC 2.0)


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