The E-Book is Here!

Write Right: Eleven Principles of Effective CommunicationOver the course of a few months and conversations with several people, I realized I needed to add additional resources to Write Right. I have a couple of posters about how to survive the writing life, but they aren’t sufficient nor are they necessarily something that someone new to Write Right might enjoy. Thus, I went down the e-book path. I deliberated between a few ideas and finally settled upon one: principles of effective communication.

I initially tried to keep the number of principles at ten, but I couldn’t do it. My e-book, then, consists of eleven principles. No matter how I edited the thing or tried to convince myself that some of the principles were too similar to each other, I couldn’t persuade myself to delete one of the principles. Perhaps I should have been a harsher editor with my own work. Perhaps I should let the work rest and quit worrying about the thing.

I suppose that’s what I’m doing by offering the e-book to anyone who would like to have a copy. It’s easy to gain one; subscribe to the monthly e-letter, and you become one of the lucky few to receive the first Write Right e-book. If you already are a subscriber, you received your advance copy yesterday (Advance copies and notifications of upcoming events are a perk of being an e-letter subscriber.).


  1. Well, this is certainly exciting! I’ve been toying with the idea of something of larger value to distribute as well, but haven’t settled on exactly what. Yet. 

    • jasonkonopinski Your fate’s sealed now. You’re going to have to write something of a larger scale. I believe iainbroome also recorded some of his posts. That’s an option for you since you have the podcast. :))

  2. Kudos Erin! You caught my eye in the Twitter stream — I’m launching my first eBook next Monday. I know how much work they can be. Congratulations!

    • Adam | Customer Experience Thank you! Yes, I worked on it all through August, although much of the foundation was laid in prior months. Now I can start working on my next idea. 😉

  3. Congrats Erin! I will subscribe write away – ha – so I can get my very own copy.

    • rdopping I’ll have to keep an eye on my e-letter platform so that I can send out books. :)Thank you!

      • Erin F. So, I read it and it is great. The section about reading it aloud and fixing the areas where you stumble and where it doesn’t sound right is brilliant. I wonder how many people actually do that. My wife makes me read some, only some, of my posts aloud and it’s those that get the most traction so it works, girl!In the infamous words of Nigel Tufnel….it goes to 11!

        • rdopping Thank you! It’s good to receive some feedback. I worried that it was too simplistic or maybe a little too silly with the illustrations.Hmm. Good question. I don’t remember where I picked up that habit. It’s not a lot of fun when you’re reading a twenty-page research paper, but it does wonders. I guess I’ve read things aloud for so long that I assumed most people did, too. Maybe I should write a post about the topic?

        • Erin F. rdopping 

        • Erin F. rdopping Hey Erin maybe reading a 20 page research paper aloud is not the right approach in that case and I can see how it wouldn’t be as much fun.A blog post, well, I can see that especially when we all know posts should primarily be conversational and less technical in nature. With a technical submission reading aloud might take a back seat. I didn’t get the sense that each of your 11 suggestions are universally applicable.Cheers.

        • rdopping If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a little bit of a perfectionist. No, the eleven are meant to be used as needed. That’s why they’re principles and not directives.I meant a blog post about why reading aloud is important. Would that be beneficial?

        • Erin F. rdopping yes! And since I haven’t yet read your ebook, you might already be familiar with this, but here’s a link to why reading out loud is a good thing. A blog post about the benefits of reading aloud would be a great idea.

        • Erin F. rdopping Ha! Yes. Absolutely.

        • KDillabough Erin F. rdopping Thanks for the link! I’ll have to look at that. I do believe that might be A&M. My youngest brother would be pleased.

        • rdopping Erin F. Then I will have to write a post about the subject. 🙂

  4. Bravo and congratulations! I look forward to receiving my copy:) Cheers! Kaarina

  5. Congratulations, Erin! I look forward to reading it. 🙂

  6. I’m proud of you, and 11 is such a fancy number; one more than 10 and not as boring. When you’re an 11, you’re on your way to greatness — number 1 twice!Good for you, Girl.

    • Soulati | B2B Social Media Marketing Haha! I hadn’t thought of the number quite like that. I guess it’s a strange one, but everyone already knew I do things in a round-about fashion, right?Thank you for the kind words.

  7. I want mine signed by the author!

  8. Woooo! Go, Erin, go! Congratulations! Can’t wait to read it!


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