5 Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Writers

The stockings were hung with care.When it comes to Christmas, writers sometimes prepare for an onslaught of Moleskins and pens. Nothing is wrong with those gifts, especially for writers who use Moleskins and nice pens, but the gifts can become – how can one say it tactfully? – a little old. It’s a bit like knowing one is going to receive yet another pair of socks from Grandma. One says “thank you” outwardly but groans inwardly. The gift may be needed if one’s socks have holes in the toes or heels, but it’s not necessarily a gift designed to elicit jubilation.

To create cause for some jubilation, I’ve compiled a list of a few things I’ve found during my travels of the internet. Some of these finds may be rather feminine; others will appeal to both males and females. None of the items are pens or notebooks of any sort, and most should fit into stockings hung with care.

  1. Fine teas: Prologue Tea Co. has a line of teas inspired by various authors and books. If your writer has a penchant for tea, this gift may be just the thing.
  2. Book pendants: For a touch of eclecticism, a book pendant may be perfect. The pendants are personalized to the person. For something a bit more whimsical, a typewriter brooch may be the way to go; however, if funky is more in keeping with your writer’s style, I offer this Mary Poppins bot necklace.
  3. Writing conferences: Sending your writer on a weekend writing retreat is a way to not only give a great gift but also to communicate your belief in what he or she is doing.
  4. Library candles: Like Prologue Tea Co., these candles are inspired by literary figures. Candle scents feature Ezra Pound and Emily Dickinson, to name a few.
  5. Literary tees: Pity the writer who doesn’t appreciate a good literary tee now and again. These shirts are fun and probably will be worn until, well, they’re worn out.

If you’re a writer, what gifts would you like to receive? If you have a writer in your life, what gifts have you given?

Image: scrappingmoka (CC BY 2.0)


  1. As a writer, I really appreciated these suggestions! I’m going to forward it to all my friends & family on the “off chance” they want some ideas. I also came up with a few of my own:
    – index cards, pushpins, & bulletin board {for the writer who currently has sticky notes all over the wall} 
    – framed literary quotes as art {for the writer who needs a little motivation} 
    – gift card to Tim Horton’s {or where ever the magic takes place away from home} 
    – scrivener {for the gift-giver with deep pockets} 
    – map-making tools {for the writer of epic adventures} 
    – writing guides {for all writers, EVER} 
    – Keurig cups {for the writer who likes a cup of coffee AND a cup of tea in the same hour} 
    – music {for the writer who likes wordless tunes like movie soundtracks}
    – a good writing hat {because what writer DOESN’T need one of these?}

  2. Andi Roo Oh, those are great gift ideas! I’m a huge fan of Scrivener. It sounds like we might have similar tastes in music, too.