Don’t Give Up

Don't give up.

My younger brother says I’m determined. Other people have said I’m resilient. Perhaps. I err on the side of self-awareness and say I’m stubborn. Whatever the case may be, it has proven a trait, if kept in check, that helps me keep going no matter how bad the start or the day.

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What We See and How We See It

On Looking

When I read Lia Purpura’s On Looking a year or so ago, I found three questions swilling around my head:

  1. What do we see?
  2. How do we see it?
  3. How does seeing it impact us?

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How to be a Better Writer: Set Deadlines

Set a Deadline

Writing, as an activity, often is a free-form sort of thing. Writers arrive to the work, and they work for a certain amount of time or until the words satisfy them. Such constraints can be enough, but for the writers who want to become better, deadlines are necessary.

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