How to Be a Better Writer: Write for Ten Minutes

How to Be a Better Writer: Write for Ten Minutes — Write RightIf you want to be a better writer, exercise the writing muscles. Give yourself ten minutes in which to write. You could write anything but apply constraints. They force the muscles to stretch and grow. (They might hurt the next day, too, but pain before gain.)

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A is for Adventure

A is for Adventure — Write RightOn road trips, when my brothers and I weren’t squabbling or being reprimanded for imaginary wars with passing drivers, we played games. “I Spy” lost its luster quickly. We spent more time with the “alphabet game,” perhaps because it took forever to get through all twenty-six letters.

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18 Quotes for the Writing Life

18 Quotes for the Writing Life — Write Right

Image: Akhilesh Ravishankar (Creative Commons)

Every writer and artist claims some books as favorites. Oh, the list of books expands and contracts, but some books remain forever. They either leave a permanent impression or speak to a particular moment in time. The eighteen quotes that follow come from the former rather than the latter.

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