Are Your Characters Round or Flat?

Developing character: round or flat?

Fiction houses two characters: round and flat. Both have roles to play in a story. The problem, except in the case of a plot-driven story, occurs when the main character, usually the protagonist but sometimes an antagonist, never leaves the realm of flat.

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How Long Should Your Novel Be?


Every so often, I’m asked about how long a particular type of content should be. It isn’t an absurd question; it’s one I’ve googled when I need to know how many characters I’m allowed in a subject line and how many words in a headline. Such is the way of things when writing marketing copy or an article for an online publication or print newspaper.

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How to be a Better Writer: Be Empathetic

Write Right Talks about Writing RightIt’s the noticing that cracks us open, lets something in.
Shows we’re in use.
Uses us.
Right now. Right this minute.
Lia Purpura’s “Recurrences/Concurrences”

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