How to be a Better Writer: Talk about Your Projects

Talk about your projects.
Writers tend to keep details about their upcoming work close to their vests, which isn’t surprising. Their ideas may not yet be fully formed. They may have been told to remain quiet about the “particulars” by their publisher or publicist. Even so, they should talk about their upcoming projects.Continue Reading

On Writing: Loaves and Fishes

Writing is like loaves and fishes.
Writing is like giving away the few loaves and fishes one has, trusting that they will multiply in the giving. – Henri Nouwen, from his Reflections on Theological Education

Writing – perhaps all art forms – dwell within the habitudes of uncertainty and bewilderment. I enter into the act of creating not knowing if I’ll create anything. A doubt underlies the thought: perhaps I’ve drawn my last drawing already, perhaps I have no more words to write.Continue Reading

Worthwhile Things Take Work

Worthwhile things take work.
Worthwhile things take work. – Jon Dansby, The Austin Stone
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