Does Integrity Matter?

Does Integrity Matter? — Write RightIf I were to conduct an informal poll of the audience and ask, “Does integrity matter?” I think I would hear almost all affirmative replies. Of course integrity matters. However, what is integrity truly? The word acts as some ideal — it appears in company value statements across the world— but it sometimes escapes easy explanation.

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How to Think about Work

How to Think about Work — Write RightWork gets a bad rap, understandably so. Not all work is fun. It takes effort and time. It challenges and frustrates. The work — or the absence of it — produces stress and anxiety.

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How to Avoid Email Overload and Win at Work

How to Avoid Email Overload and Win at Work — Write Right

Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and Inc. all provide advice columns about how to avoid meeting and email overload. The articles are helpful. They often contain relevant ideas that can be easily implemented.

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