Don’t Be Afraid to Miss Out

Red Umbrella

Choices can be placed into one of two categories: black and white ones and gray ones. Black and white ones aren’t necessarily easy to make even if the right choice is obvious; The Little Mermaid is an example. Ariel knows what is right, but she chooses what is wrong. She disobeys her father and finds herself facing the consequences. Even though everything comes aright in the end, she doesn’t know that it will in the midst of the disobedience and resulting pain. She only knows that she is losing her prince, her father, her friends, and very possibly herself. 

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Too Much of a Good Thing


Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. In the case of introverts, alone time is a good thing. They need it to recharge. Too much alone time, though, is a very, very bad thing.

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Do Work You’re Proud Of

Paul Arden.

If I did work I was proud of, and I didn’t get the money, at least I’d have the work. – Neil Gaiman, “Make Good Art”

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