An Exercise in Mindfulness

Mindfulness Journal.

“Mindfulness” is a word bandied about the interwebs. It’s sometimes referred to as “being present.” The two concepts owe much of their popularity to a world in which attention often is fragmented, and distractions are plentiful.

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6 Ways to Turn Overachievers into Achievers

Overachievers can be a stubborn lot.

I read an article that touted the many reasons overachievers frequently under-deliver. I admit it; the article rankled. Perhaps it had that effect because I am one of those overachievers. It always hurts to have one’s flaws paraded before the public and to have them used as reasons to say “avoid hiring this person!”

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Do You Meet Deadlines?

Meet the deadline.Any time I think about deadlines, I think of the infamous incident when I missed one. My mom thinks the story is false since she doesn’t remember it, but I know it happened. I was in the sixth grade. I had a history essay or a book report due. I didn’t write it. I missed the deadline. Punishment was given.

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