Defeat Perfectionism with Emergency Hope

Write Right's Emergency Hope KitPerfectionism is a constant companion. It can be quiet for days, weeks, sometimes even months. It’s biding its time, waiting to strike. When it does, it fights dirty. A kick or punch to the kidneys. An elbow to the center of the back.

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What is Excellence?

ExcellencePerfectionism couches itself in performance, achievement, and competition. It is the antithesis of excellence. — Aaron Ivey, The Austin Stone

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Cooking Lobsters (or, Another Study in Perfectionism)

Maine LobsterThe problem with perfectionists, albeit not the only one, is that they’re like lobsters about to be cooked. They’re not only the lobsters placed into the pot, but they’re also the chefs tossing them in and closing the lid behind them.Continue Reading