Here’s Why Nobody is Coming to Your Webinars

Here's Why Nobody is Coming to Your Webinars -- Write RightWebinars are a great marketing, sales, and educational tool. They can serve diverse purposes and achieve multiple ends. However, they often fail to deliver any results.

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Steer the Data

Steer the Data -- Write RightI’m no data analyst, but I do know the importance of data. I recognize how it can act as rocket fuel—or, at least, a baking-soda catalyst—for marketing, PR, and advertising. It drives campaigns and initiatives to successful conclusions.

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Will Visual Media Kill Writing?

Doodling: a blend of writing and visual media.

The newer social networks – Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Snapchat – have one thing in common: they’re visually oriented. The premise behind them seems to be about sharing experiences and emotions “of the moment.” None of them require much captioning, raising the question of whether they’re killing writing.Continue Reading