It’s My Birthday Month

Write Right uses her superhero abilities to support charity: water.My birthday is this month, which means I’m celebrating it all month long. The rules are simple: anything I attend, do, or start is in honor of my birthday regardless of anyone knowing. I know, and that’s the important thing.

While I, of course, would love to see some of my long-distance friends or to receive new books, shoes, a set of new Faber-Castell pens, or possibly a bouquet of unicorns, I’m doing and requesting something else for my birthday. I’m giving my birthday to charity: water and asking people to celebrate it by providing water for people who need it but can’t obtain it. I became interested in giving up my birthday when I learned Michael Schechter was doing so; I was so fascinated by the idea and impressed with charity: water’s entire process that I decided to donate mine, too.

The decision partially was inspired by those things. The other inspiration is that I do have enough and other people don’t. Why not sacrifice something or let my birthday become something more than the marking of another year? Then, too, my age carries a bit more weight this year. I’ll be the exact same age my mom was when she had me. The reality of that makes me pause a little longer and consider what I’m doing with my life and what I want it to stand for as I move forward.

With all that said, I hope you’ll join in the birthday celebration.


  1. happy birthday, Erin!

  2. Which day? August is my birthday month too!

  3. What a GRAND way to celebrate your birthday, Erin!! I’ll be sharing this far and wide, in hopes more people will do the same with their own birthdays. 
    I’m an August 19th baby, and happy to join you in promoting Charity:Water. Wonderful organization. 
    You’ll love this story –
    ~Michelle for NEM

    • New England Multimedia  Thank you so much! 
      It is the person-to-person that seems to be the most influential, isn’t it?
      Oh, wow, I didn’t know the full background. That’s amazing! There really are no such things as coincidences. 🙂

  4. Happiest birthday wishes, Erin! I’m all for doing something important with your birthday. This year, I gave blood. Kudos to you for doing something worthwhile with your bday!