What to Do When You Disappoint Yourself

Disappointment and Hope

I disappoint myself on occasion. Some people might argue it’s my perfectionism rearing it’s ugly head, and they’re right at times. I sometimes hold myself to an untenable standard. Other times, I have a legitimate reason to be disappointed with myself.

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Write Right: Use, Usage, and Utilize

Write Right Talks about Writing RightThe words use, usage, and utilize suffer from a malady: they share common etymological roots. Those roots do not make the word synonyms; it only means that they are related in much the same way that cousins are related. The way to determining when to use one of the words is entirely dependent on their definitions and the surrounding context.

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Are Your Characters Round or Flat?

Developing character: round or flat?

Fiction houses two characters: round and flat. Both have roles to play in a story. The problem, except in the case of a plot-driven story, occurs when the main character, usually the protagonist but sometimes an antagonist, never leaves the realm of flat.

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