Always Seek What’s Better


“Never want to say anything so strongly that you give up the option of finding something better. If you have to say it, you will.” – Richard Hugo, “Nuts and Bolts”

When you start writing a piece, you have a certain direction in mind. You know you want to talk about a specific idea. You may even have some thoughts regarding how to write about that idea. If you aren’t careful, those thoughts will imprison you. You will be stuck with a darling that will kill your writing if you don’t kill it first.

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How to Be a Better Writer: Show Some Restraint

Write Right Talks about Writing RightOne of the tricks to good writing is knowing when to be quiet. Either some details don’t need to be shared at all – the well-known concept of the iceberg – or they need to be released incrementally. The flood gates need not be opened wide; a trickle is sufficient.

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What Book Made You Fall in Love with Reading?

Caught reading.

Second grade. The Indian in the Cupboard. The first, “big” book I read all by myself. The first that introduced me to the world of words and the adventures contained therein. The first to capture my fancy and make me fall in love with reading and writing.

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