Hold onto Truth

Hold onto Truth -- Write RightA common saying is, “Hold onto hope,” but I can’t. The concept seems nebulous; it lacks foundation; I have nothing upon which to rest. Such hope sputters. It flickers in and out of being and disappears when looked at directly. It is no hope at all.

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Peace is not a Ceasefire

The past few weeks have been hard ones for this nation and the world. People have been killed by bullets and bombs. Hatred and violence have erupted again and again.

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Writing the Middles

Writing the Middles -- Write Right“…that’s the beauty of blog writing—it’s an invitation to enter into the middle of a story without the pressure of either having to know the beginning or close it up neatly.

“A blog is often a collection of middle narratives, reflections that happen in between beginnings and endings.”

— Emily P. Freeman, “Before Helpless Turns to Hopeless

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