Forget the Writer

Forget the Writer--Write Right“‘There is no such thing as THE WRITER.’ … The battle is this: the dethroning of the writer, the constant and all-consuming bloody coup every story or poem or essay—every genuine work of art—must accomplish over its author in order truly to live and to breathe and to have something to say to us that will matter.” — Brett Lott, Letters and Life, quoting Flannery O’Connor

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The Day Runs Away

The Day Runs Away--Write Right

Some days, the day runs away with you. A bandit, a thief, a villain. You’re carried off, blindfolded and gagged. Where did the day go? How did it put you in a black bag thrown over its shoulder? *** Time is running out. Time is running out. *** Everything is unfamiliar. Where on earth did […]

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Steal from Everyone and Everything

Steal from Everyone and Everything--Write Right

The secret to my seemingly never-ending fount of ideas? Stealing. Oh, I’m no plagiarist, but I do steal. I see a call to action on someone’s website and think, “That’s a great way of doing it. How can I apply the concept to my site or a client’s?”

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