Write Right’s Night before Christmas

Write Right character, plus a sleeping mouse, sugar plug fairy, reindeer, and Santa inside a doll house structure.

O is for Onerous

Tabletop Christmas pine boughs and two red candles

During the holidays, everything aims to be cheerful and bright. Some tasks, however, remain onerous. They are burdens that must be accomplished to reach the joy of “decking the halls.” Seating arrangements seem like a good example. You can seat your mother-in-law by a certain aunt but not by your mother or odd uncle. Even […]

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Write Right’s List of Twelve Bookish Stocking Stuffers

Cappuccino Mug, Christmas Tree Decoration in Whipped Cream and Coffee

If you’re frantically shopping for a final bookish gift or stocking stuffer, rejoice! Your book lover or word nerd will love any of the following twelve, budget-friendly items. (Each costs under $50.) Check this list once, maybe twice, when wanting to fill stockings with delightful treasures and hearts with mirth.

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