Creative Life Truths: Fear is Necessary

Creative Life Truths: Fear is Necessary — Write RightAs a writer or artist, ruts come easily. The finished product may be good, excellent even, but it falls within acceptable limits. As an example: my poetry. My standard style employs short lines and couplets. I like it; it gives room for invention. However, it quickly becomes “du jour”—in graduate school, people could identify my poems by the lines, no name or signature required. The form grew restrictive, definitive.

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Write Right Dresses Up as a Little Teapot for Halloween

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K is for Kawaii

K is for Kawaii — Write Right

Oh, okay. Few people probably know the word “kawaii,” but I do. It means “cute” in Japanese, and I share it because of this ridiculous cat. Isn’t it the cutest, funniest thing ever?! Mine is somewhere in transit, and I plan to name it Harvey since I didn’t bring home the kitten I found while […]

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